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It’s been almost 10 years when we first visited Egerszalok. We got to know to Gyorgy Lorincz, we met the muse, St. Andrea and the kids, we tasted the wines… We sniffed the smell of the wine cellar; we stood at the foot of the Nagy Eged hill; and we were just admiring the scenary of the rolling hills while we felt the closeness of nature, the energies surrounding us. We watched the sunrise and watched how the sun absconded behind the vineyards. We have experiened a few awakening springs, hot and sparkling summers, mild autumns and vicious winters. And every time we felt there is something different, there is something more. ENERGIES. FEELINGS. TASTES. MOODS. EMOTIONS. This is where the idea of the ST.ANDREA WINE & GOURMET BAR was born.

We are trying to bring a little piece of the vineyards and the winery itself, the colours, the emotions, the thoughts to downtown Budapest to convey what Dr. Gyorgy Lorincz and his family truly represent; while also letting the „land and the grape speak for itself”.

We are striving to provide an outstanding service to our guests in a comfortable, warm but also elegant environment. The wine list features specific wine and champagne items that are only available in the Bar, while also providing delicious gourmet snacks to complement the vintage. We want to provide our guests with lasting memories with the mission we believe in and follow every day, by ” striving to exercise excellence.!”


The Bar opened its doors in Eiffel Palace, in one of the most prominent locations in the heart of Budapest, reflecting its significance both in terms of architecture and oenology. This is the place where the quality of the built environment meets the qualities of a winery’s pursuits and becomes one. Through a unique and pleasant gastronomic experience to sample some top wines along with tapas-style bar snacks, our aim is to introduce our guests to one of the leading wineries in the Eger area; the St. Andrea vinery of Egerszalok.

The Bar enjoys an authentic ambience with a stylishly designed space combining 19th century elements of patina with modern technologies as well as the wide range of Eger’s carefully selected and exclusive wines to make the spot perfect for wine tasting, a business lunch, partner meetings and special events. Dr. Gyorgy Lorincz, the estate manager and wine maker of the St. Andrea winery, strongly belives that the Eiffel Palace and the St. Andrea brands perfectly complement each other, as their core values are based on common beliefs. Today, both names are synonymus with prestige, superior quality, respect for historical values, the celebration of the joyful present and future care.

„Life is too short to drink bad wine”.

Private Rooms

There are also two separet private rooms in the St.Andrea Wine & Gourmet Bar, one of which is suitable for 12 people,while the other can seat up to 20 guests. This makes it possible to welcome small groups, friendly gatherings and family or business events –complementing with not only food and wine, but also with specific wine dinners and wine tastings on demand.
Informations and offers: info@standreaborbar.hu

The Winery


About us

Knowing the wine already from the St Andrea vineyard, this restaurant was a pleasant surprise to discover.
The food was delicious and well decorated on the plates. The portions were of decent size, but the prices make the experience even better. Superb quality for equal prices. Not to be compared to something similar in western Europe where the prices would make the experience less thrilling.
The wine offered from the parent vineyard is still amazing! The Merengö and others are definitely recommended.
The ambiance is modern but rustic and the design is very nicely done. It gives a good atmosphere.
Highly recommended to visit!


The Chef

Adam Barna,
Gault Millau Austria 2015, 15 points
Genusswirt des Jahres Austria 2013

Hungarian flavours, open to the world.

Inspired by a country, a whole region, by the old territories of the Monarchy, you will see how unbelievably honest and detailed the dishes of chef Ádám Barna are. His motive to learn and to deepen his knowledge is a constant goal in his carrier. The international and domestic awards, which he received, show how much perfectionism means to him and his team.

His cuisine is defined by humbleness where you can feel the spirit of the countryside that is combined with the cosmopolitan magnificence and exactly this what makes a visit at St. Andrea Wine&Gourmet Bar a true gastronomic experience.

The recent travels and visits in foreign countries and world famous restaurants all together helped him to find his own and unique style. However, besides this influence, the use of the best and most exciting flavours and ingredients of this region are that make his cuisine so original.

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